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About IPEC Network

IPEC Network is the “innovative project development and sustainable partnership” network established by different institutions over the world, European countries particularly, coming together. There are currently 36 different universities, non-governmental organisations and private companies from 12 different countries within the network. The common point of all these institutions is that they are institutions that has taken an active role in international projects with various themes, experienced and qualified and has worked with IPEC in different projects before.

Mission of IPEC Network

The mission of IPEC Network is to spread community development to world-wide level, with the qualified projects and creative solutions it provides to the current and future world and to provide support to the corporations making a difference on the local, national and global scale by integrating innovation culture to the corporate capacity.

What IPEC Network Provides to the Corporations

– To help corporations to find experienced, qualified partners with reference that can contribute to their projects swiftly and easily.

– Constantly keeping in touch with experienced partners by being in the same network, making good use of experience share and establishing sustainable partnerships by developing innovative projects together.

– Accessing partnership calls that are only possible in ipec.network system, taking in partnerships in the projects of universities, non-governmental organisations and private companies in the network and contributing to the development corporate capacity by doing so.

– Accessing e-bulletins available only in ipec.network system, being informed of the different projects the corporations are conducting in different countries, taking inspiration, gaining access to resources about qualified project management.

– Having the opportunity to meet the corporations directly by attending IPEC Network meetings held twice in a year and where all costs are met by the projects managed by IPEC, taking place in the workshops of education, network establishing and experience sharing.

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